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We would love to give more kids opportunity to spend at least some time like this. Every kid deserves this, but not all can have it. We will start at home – in Slovenia, by supporting our Forest pirates group and development of Natural child organization.

Years before Freeliving adventures, when Sunny kid was just a tiny baby, the project called Natural child formed in my head. I was vicariously reading anything and everything on natural childhood, natural development and natural learning. I always knew I wont walk the paved path of societys norms and expectations regarding educational systems and child rearing. I like going of beaten path. Both in travels and in life. I wanted to keep my kid outdoors, free, playing and exploring in nature. Luckily I had friends with same desires and we formed an organization called Natural child. Our prime goal is keeping the kids connected to nature, living and learning outdoors. Our group of kids was formed in 2014 and is active since then.

The kids are resilient, they love nature, they learned basic survival skills, they stay outside in all weather situations. They are rarely sick, they have an amazing imagination, they are capable of taking care of younger kids, they are very self reliable and know their way in the woods or in the hills. And they know how to take care of the planet we live on. Kids who practically grew up in the forests will never ever forget to take care of their beloved playground and home – NATURE. We need more of that. We need more kids outside, rolling in the grass, climbing trees, running barefoot and building forts in the woods.

Up until now all our organized activities were financially supported by parents only. With help of donations we can get more kids outside in many more places…

We would love to help out other projects that are getting kids back into the nature.

Write us an email on and let us know what you are up to and how we can help!

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