Sunny kid – mountain girl since her first steps

I have spent lots of time in mountains since I can remember. My family is very outdoorsy and mountains and hiking were a big part of my life when growing up. I was also a vicarious reader and have read all of mountaineering literature I could get my hands on. Dreaming of places far away, of adventures, white peaks and absolute tranquility of mind.

I started traveling more in my student years. I was strongly drawn to Asia, towards Himalayas, Buddhism and sacred parts of the world. Exploring the world and being in the mountains was always, and will always, be my peace. My happy place.

When Sunny kid was born in 2012, I thought the mountains, the hikes, the treks and the travels will have to wait for a while. I realized quickly I was wrong. This kid is a born adventurer. She was snuggled happily in the baby carrier or in a sling her first year of life, while we wandered all around the hills of Ljubljana and further. I was looking forward to longer hikes when she would fit in proper hiking backpack carrier. But, it was not how she planned it 😉 She started walking a few days before her first birthday and refused to be carried since those first steps. That was when I learned to leave the plans at home, forget the time and the goal of the hike….and just go with the flow. It was the best thing that could happen! It made me stop rushing through life, chasing timelines and needing to be everywhere at the same time. I slowed down, stopped to see the view, to climb the tree, to lay in the grass or play in the mud. I am thankful for the opportunity to have seen and felt the beauty of getting to know mountains and nature through the kids eyes again. For all the “wooows” and the “loooooook” and the stories we made up when she was tired, for the spiders she saved from the snow, for the hugs on the peaks and the laughter while running downhill…

Beginning of April 2015 just a week before Sunny kids third birthday, she walked from Savica to Komna hut, which is an easy but certainly not a short route. My plan was to carry her at least half of the way, but I think I carried her for half an hour the most. Estimated time to walk up is around 2 and half hours, with an altitude change of 867 meters. Well, we ended up needing around 5 hours. But they were happy hours of enjoying the hike and the company. And Sunny kid walked. She walked, played along the way, talked a lot, ask even more and then played some more…. and as usual, refused to be carried. It was my last time trying to put our kid carrier backpack to use. And it was also a point from which we started doing longer and more difficult hikes.

From age three and up, she has hiked so much and climbed so many of Slovenian peaks, I probably have not done up to my twenties. She also started going ski touring with us around age 4. Which for me is one of the most beautiful and rewarding mountaineering activities. Below are random pics aged between 3 and 6 years.

We have also hiked in other countries. The most remarkable thing of which we have done, probably being Annapurna base camp trek. In the fall of 2016 we spent three weeks in Annapurna region of Himalayas. With at the time 4 year old Sunny kid we reached Annapurna base camp and then continued to do another trek to Poon hill. Looking back now, I didn´t quite get the sense of the real accomplishment, cause we really just had a wonderful time and she walked it pretty much effortlessly. But … looking back now… I can´t believe how tiny she was and how she hiked all the way.

Poon hill trek Nepal. Dhalaugiri in background. Click below for full post of the trek.

Last summer we were trekking in the Spanish part of Pyrenees with a friend of ours. It was an amazing experience that we will repeat for sure. We do plan to add a part of our 46.000 altitude meters in Spain for this years challenge. A few pics from amazing land of lakes.

This year (2019) she has done a great amount of hikes, also ones rated very difficult and some via ferratas. In Slovenia and abroad. You can check the archive HERE or ask her to show you her mountain journal ?

If you could help this kiddo get some good mountaineering clothes and equipment or would be ready to sponsor her as a promising passionate young climber and mountaineer please let us know on ?

So yes. I am a proud mum. And a really happy one, cause I can share my love for nature, for staying outdoors, for adventures and for the mountains with my daughter. Her physical strength and endurance are amazing and remarkable, but even more than that, her love for the mountains and the determination and passion she shows on long hikes, climbs and treks. 

This year we are doing THE CHALLENGE of hiking 46.000 altitude meters. You can read all about it HERE.

Can you help us hike the globe? And simultaneously help our project of reconnecting children and nature?

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  1. Amazing pictures! It really is incredible what kiddos can do when we let them really be free and explore.

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