2. Nanos

Date: 11.1.2019

Start altitude : 575 m  – Razdrto

Highest point (Vojkova mountain hut): 1240 m

Altitude difference: 665 m 

When we started walking it looked like we have done something really bad to the gods of the wind. ๐Ÿ˜‰ A week before we were almost blown off mt. Dovลกka baba and now again? But as the path started winding up into the forest it got a bit better. Sun was shining and the grass smelled springlike. As we approached the steep part we were sheltered from the wind and the climb up was superb. This route is equipped with chains and similar safety aids. It is an adventurous way up, the kids usually love it. It is better to avoid it though if you do not feel good on steep and exposed slopes. For those who can take it, you will be rewarded with amazing views all the way up.

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