1. Dovška baba

Mt. Dovška baba 1891m

DATE: 4.1.2019


PEAK : 1891 m 


Our first hike of the year, was a windy one. There is almost no snow in the Karavanke range, which is quite unusual for the month of January. It was cold, around zero, but we can manage with the cold. When the path lead us out of the forest  the power of wind was absolutely crazy. We took a break by the closed shepherd hut and I was considering leaving the summit for another time. But…as usual the wind calmed down for a few minutes, which gave me second thoughts and supported by Sunny kids decision to at least try for a bit and if it gets to rough or dangerous we turn. It wasnt as harsh as I thought as the path slowly climbs up protected a bit by the ridge. Strong gusts of cold wind blew over every few minutes, sending little snowy flakes around, freezing Sunny kids little face. While warming her up – I just unzip my upper jacket layer and she can warm up on the fleece I wear under – 30 sec, helps a lot. I said to her: ” Well these are Himalayan conditions aren´t they? ” My go to phrase for when it gets difficult 😉 . I asked her if we need to turn, if the winds are too cold? She marched ahead, towards the summit, with the usual “I can do this” smirk. We had about 15 min to reach the top. We met one hiker on the way, said a few words and then quietly enjoyed the view from the top. Sadly my phone is not as tough as my kiddo… the low temperatures ate its battery. So no views from the top, I just managed to warm it up enough to squeeze the 3% out and snap one pic of Sunny kid at the top. ( above ) We descended quickly back to the forest line to escape the wind and then took it slowly, sliding down on ice covered path.  

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