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Free living adventures is a sentence that started forming up in my head on a bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara. I was crammed on a sit with a 4 year old Sunny child who just threw up all the Dhal bhat she just ate, all over us and inside our backpack. We still had three hours to go and it could have easily become horrendous. But it didnt. Little one was still smiling, two Nepali girls from the sit in front kept supplying wet tissues and the man next to us didnt even wake up. Ten minutes later the ticket boy came to us and told us to come and sit in front in the drivers cabin. Sunny with her bare feet and only in shorts ( since everything else was covered in Dhal Bhat ) was sooooo excited and enjoyed every bit of the rest of the ride to Pokhara. I was lost in the thoughts of living this way, freely, discovering the world…when Sunny interrupted, after about 8 hours on a bus : ” This is kind of tiring, but a very exciting adventure ” FREE…LIVING…ADVENTURES…..  I said… Yes, I am going to write about this. So here we are.

Free living adventures

I am a mum in the second half of thirties. In love with traveling, mountains, sea, nature and free people. Nothing makes me happier then spending time and living life at full with my little girl and the people I love. I am a passionate advocate for free childhood and self directed learning. I love photography. I am a freethinker and co founder at a company called Natural child in my home country Slovenia. We have a group of home/unschooled kids meeting on daily basis in nature, playing and learning freely. I am a mum of a beautiful, free spirited, soon to be five years old little soul. She is a Sunny child, born with wanderlust, always ready for new adventures.  Our plan for the next years is to LIVE, TRAVEL and SOAK UP all the beauty of the world.

In the rhythms of reggae music.


Join us on our journeys. 

You can expect posts on travel, mountaineering, unschooling, worldschooling, festivals,  anecdotes, stories and plans,… Little bit of everything 😉 .

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