15. Viševnik

Date. 22.3.2019

Start altitude: Rudno polje – 1347 m

Top: 2050 m

Altitude difference: 703 m

Mt. Viševnik is one of the most visited Slovenian mountains in winter time. The approach is easy, the conditions are usually safer then elsewhere in Julian alps and skiing down has a decent length.

We parked the car at Pokljuka biatlon centre and approached through the forest, towards the old ski lifts, currently out of use. We had a big fight on the way and I cant even remember why. But the moon was full those days. And strong!!! I just know I was fuming of anger… and when I fume I tend to walk quite quickly 😉 Sunny kid followed 50 or some meters behind, probably waiting for me to calm down and slow down. I didn´t quite calm down yet, but I couldn´t keep up this rhythm on the steep slope, and with the load of my snowboard and Sunny kids skis. So I finally stopped at the top of the second ski lift where the trail becomes a bit different. Sunny kid started making up jokes that really had no possible sense, but it did the trick and I forgot hat I was angry about and concentrated on the beautiful surroundings.

We continued up in better spirits, the snow was still quite hard and easy to walk on and we made it up to the ridge in an easy walking rhythm. Obligatory break on the ridge, for tea, cookies and view of the Bohinj mountains.

Snow started getting soft and heavy after the break, winter is saying goodbye. The straight ascent from the end of the ridge towards the peak was tricky. Two steps up, one slide down. Step aside, one slide down. We snow danced to the last ridge, leading up to the top. A short conversation about snow cornices was needed again, how they form and why we never approach the edge of the ridge in snow. As planed, we left the skis and the snowboard there and hiked up to the top, with amazing views of the Julian Alps around us.

I get asked many times if I am not scared taking such a small kid on this kind of hiking or skitouring adventures. No, I am not. I would never go if I would think it is too dangerous. I am always prepared to turn around if it gets too tough for the little one. But most of all, I am confident that she knows what she is doing. I trust her, that she will tell me if she can´t do something, if she is tired, cold or afraid. And she does. And I never pushed her over the limit, the result of which is, she knows she can trust me too. Over the last two years she got really confident and in touch with what she is or is not capable of. She pushes her own limits successfully and is gaining new experiences all the time. While I always keep one eye one her when walking ridges, climbing steeps slopes or ferratas and while skiing, I still believe that the most important thing is talking with kids. Explaining risks and rules. Answering the questions. Showing the dangers, teaching them safe movement on exposed routes. It is never too early to talk about safety and teach mountaineering skills if the kid is interested and a passionate hiker.

After admiring the view and observing the always hungry mountain birds, we descended down to the equipment and had a great ski ( on reallly baaad snow ) back down to the valley.


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