9. Šmarna gora

DATE: 14.2.2019

Start altitude: 303 m – Tacen

Top: 669 m

Altitude difference: 366 m

Šmarna gora is a backyard mountain for people of Ljubljana. The most loved and visited hiking point all year long. It is just high enough and the views are great, to keep the motivation going.

We hiked it many times, there is lots of routes leading up, also an interesting climbing one. This time we went up in the company of our forest pirates – group of outdoor kids. They are an amazing bunch of little people. We talked , they played, they were looking for animal tracks, interesting stones, climbed roots, shrieked on mud slides, played hide and seek, made a swing from a tree branch and so on…. Their imagination play never cease to amaze me. We took the direct, steep route from Tacen . This wild bunch says that it is much more interesting than walking on the easier and wide road from the other side. I totally agree.

Since it was Valentine day, we sent a kiss and a hug to all the parents, from the top. And, we made a special edition live video 😉

Below are some pics from the hike, stay tuned for our next adventure 🙂 Follow us on FB or INSTAGRAM.


altitude meters walked in 2019

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