7. Ratitovec

Date: 4.2.2019

Start altitude: 1011 m – Prtovč village

Highest altitude: 1642 m Krekova koča na Ratitovcu – mountain hut

Altitude difference: 631 m

Beautiful sunny morning called for a new adventure up and away. The risk of avalanches is high now in the Alps so we decided for a safer, but still high enough option of Ratitovec – part of Škofjaloka mountain range.

We started in Prtovč village and opted for the right route called across Razor, which is safer in the winter. Left one ( Povden ) has amazing views since it is more open, but we will keep it for the spring.

The path was icy on some parts, which led to thinking of buying the easy crampons for Sunny kid. Otherwise the path is easy, winding through forest till you reach the opening and enjoy the views of the valley behind. We met a skier on the way down, otherwise there was not a soul around.

As usual when we exit the forest and the real mountaineering vibe gets alive, Sunny kid sped up, caught in her own world, making up stories of crazy adventures along the way. I absolutely adore winter mountains when everything around sparkles, like million of stars have fallen down. Everything opens up when passing the treeline… the views of the nature and the expanse of the mind. All the great plans in my head are always born while walking somewhere high in the vastness of the nature.

When we reached the ridge, the cold wind met us again but 10 minutes later we were in a shelter behind the hut on the top.

Once again an amazing day up and away. More in photos:


altitude meters walked in 2019

Link to the description of the hike

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