6. Limbarska gora

Limbarska mountain is an easy reachable lookout point very close to Slovenias capital Ljubljana. Due to heavy rains and snowfall we chose this as a goal for a an easy Sunday hike.

Date: 3.2.2019

Start altitude: 363 m – Krašnja village

Highest point: 773 m

Altitude difference: 410 m

I planed to work on this rainy Sunday and shorten the to-do list hanging above my computer. But the rain stopped soon and the clouds began to clear… and then a friend asked us if we want to join her for a hike. Could I say no? Obviously not. And I was getting cranky inside anyway. I didn´t even have to ask Sunny kid. She was ready by the door as soon as the idea was said out loud 😉

We parked in Krašnja village and started walking. After about 500 m we arrived to the pass under the highway which was full of water. Yep, there was some heavy rain the days before. Without a lot of hesitation the shoes were off and we crossed barefoot. It was not as cold as expected and it made this little hill in front of us a bit more like an adventurous expedition. The rest of the way is an easy hike through beautiful forests and with nice views of Kamnik – Savinja Alps.

Link to description of the hike ( in Slovene language only )

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