54. Struška 1944m

Broad peak with magnificent views

Date: 30.11.2019

Starting point: Trilobit 939 m

Top: 1944 m

Altitude difference: 1005m

I have another mountain photo story for you 🙂 And as it is fall here, this one too starts off in the clouds. And finishes in the dark…

Wohoohooo 😃😃😃 Through rain and snow, through damp clouds to sunny Mt. Struška with Sunny kid 💙 And what do you do after a few hours hike? You play pingvin style ofcourse. 😂🙌🐧 #46000mchallenge2019

Objavil/a Freeliving adventures dne Sobota, 30. november 2019

Go adventure together!!!

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