Date: 26.1.2019

Starting point: Bled lake 480 m

Highest point: 710 m

Altitude difference: 230 m

This wasn´t actually planned as a hike. We drove to lake Bled and just wanted to get some fresh air. But we ended up exploring surroundings and found a path leading to giant spruce. It is well marked with little wooden signs in the shape of a tree. It was a lovely hike, with stunning views down to lake Bled and the little island. We even met a few chamois in the forest. They probably came down from higher altitudes, where all their food is under the snow. They were beautiful, they were watching us, and we were watching them… till they decided to run deeper into the woods.

We followed the signs that lead us to this really magnificent giant spruce. It is 37 meters high with almost 4 m perimeter and 120 years old.

Check the size of two people standing under the tree.

All in all a really magical winter day above the most famous Slovenian tourist attraction – lake Bled.

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