40. PRISOJNIK 2547m

Climbing route through a natural window, to one of the mightiest peaks of Julian Alps.

Date: 9.8.2019

Starting point: Erjavčeva hut 1525 m

Route: Kopiščarjeva

Time: 4h ascent / 2,5h descent

Top: 2547m

Altitude difference: 1022m

This was one of the most beautiful days of the summer. A hard and technically demanding route to one of the mightiest peaks of the Julian Alps.

We drove to Vršič in the morning and left the car at Erjavškova hut. A bit of a walk through the forest and we were ready to start the adventure in the rocks. This is a via Ferrata type of a route. This is an Italian term which means ‘iron path’― a protected climbing route, built with a steel cable rail fixed to the rock, metal steps or ladders and similar. We use self belaying systems which clip onto the railings so we stay safe.

This is the type of day that I and Sunny kid both enjoy thoroughly. She is the happiest on the ferratas this year. She has mastered them. Jus enough of adrenaline and challenge in the situation where she feels experienced and safe. I love ferratas too. I do prefer the ones in the mountains over the sporty short ones.

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