36. Bivacco Gorizia and ferrata del Centenario (Cime Piccole)

Beautiful bivuac and amazing ferrata across spikes and through a tunnel.

DATE: 10 and 11.7.2019

Starting point: Riobianco 980m

Bivuac: Bivacco Gorizia 1950m

Cime Piccole / Ferrata del Centenario : 2240m

Altitude difference: 1260m

Two days in the most amazing places in Julian Alps. With Sunny kid and some of our best mountaineering friends. Precious.

Building resilience in kids? Wanna show them getting out of comfort zone to seize the moment and live? Mountaineering with added bivuac and absolutely amazing friends surely is an experience to try.  I decided fewer words and more photos would be best to describe this two-day fantastic adventure.

Day 1 – Lago di Raibl to Bivacco Gorizia

Day 2

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