32. Storžič – 2133m

A climbing route through the clouds

Date: 24.6.2019

Starting point: The road leading to Dom pod Storžičem hut – 1050 m

Top: 2133 m

Altitude difference: 1083 m

Route: Skozi Žrelo (rated difficult)

Storžič is one of the Slovenians most loved and visited two thousand meters mountains. It is an unmistakable one. The shape is easily recognizable from the highway linking Ljubljana to Kranj. There are all types of routes leading up, rated from easy to difficult, but considering the length, they all require good physical strength.

Sunny kid was admiring Mt. Storžič for a while now. I have promised her I will take her up via the Chasm (skozi Žrelo) which is rated a very difficult route. It is equipped with steel cables and pitons in some parts. Since she showed me she is capable of climbing ferratas easily and can be 100% trusted to handle this route, I kept my promise. As far as physical strength goes, there are no issues. I would say that at the moment her endurance is bigger than mine. Seriously. She is like a baby chamois.

We started early, to avoid possible afternoon rain or storms for sure. Storžič is not the place where you wanna get caught amidst the bolts of lightning. I messed up and parked way too low. I had a vague memory of where the hut (Dom pod Storžičem) lays, but the road leading up was getting worse, so I parked, mistakingly thinking we were just 5 minutes or so away from it. It took us about half an hour. The clouds were suspiciously low and the visibility was poor. I was almost ready to turn around. Sunny kid sat quietly with her helmet already on and big brown eyes looking at me like: “Come on mum, let’s go, we will get through the clouds.” She is always ready to climb as high as possible, to see the sea of clouds underneath and the sun above. I checked the weather radar. There were no storms in sight, just afternoon rain. I said to Sunny kid: “We can go, but we need to be quick. We go up without breaks except for drinking. It is nine o clock now. We need to be up by 12. Do you think you can manage?” Her face lit up and she shot off towards the red route signs, showing me a thumb up and a huge smile.

We were standing at the top at 11:30…

The approach to the beginning of the route “skozi žrelo” is quite quick. The path is well marked. Once reaching the rocks, the route starts climbing up steeply and is equipped with wire cables and pitons on parts.
We have waited long enough this season, for the snow to disappear. Coming up this route in winter conditions, requires proper equipment. Crampons and ice axe. We had helmets on and as always when on difficult routes with my kiddo, I had her climbing harness, self belaying systems and a 5-meter prusik rope in my backpack. Ready if needed.
Sunny kid started in a killer tempo. While she can sometimes ascent slowly on the forest paths, her body becomes alive and her legs are flying, as soon as she touches the rocks.
We were quickly through the first part and reached the wide slope under the ridge leading to the top. We stopped for some water. The clouds were dancing around us and every once in a while we got a chance to see the view down to the valley.

Social media rant intermezzo

The route is easy to follow and fun. The rocks can be slippery in some places and there are spots you need to climb without steel cables or other help. If you are unexperienced in mountains, do it with someone who is, or take an easier way up. We met two girls about half of the way, without helmets and not looking really confident in their decision of the route taken. We chatted a bit and since they already passed the hardest part they decided to continue up and then descent on the easier route, the same as us. We soon left them behind, but I checked on their progress every once in a while.
Since all social media platforms are flooded with photos of half-naked women in cute shoes, on snowy mountain tops, there is no wonder there are so many accidents. As long as a woman in a bra, tight pants and sneakers pose at sunset lit mountains, covered in snow and get thousands of likes and shares, not much is gonna change. People will do what she does. Cause it looks easy right? But do you ask yourselves how the hell did she get down from the mountain? Did she have a full backpack of real mountain clothing hidden somewhere? Or did she end up calling the rescue team?
You know, if I post a fully equipped 7-year-old who just completed a difficult mountaineering route, on Instagram, not many people are really impressed. I bet I would get much more responses if I took half of my clothes off and pose like a pole dancer on a cross that stands on the top of Mt. Storžič. Hehe, I wouldn’t, don’t try to imagine me… but, just sayin… This is the social media reality. The consequences of which are numerous accidents and mountain rescue interventions caused by carelessness.

DEAR PEOPLE, RESPECT MOUNTAINS. RESPECT NATURE. And teach your kids to do the same.

Sunny kid kept her tempo, focused on climbing steadily towards the ridge. I overtook her a few meters before the exit from the chasm and took this video 🙂

Clouds began to disperse around us and the views were amazing. The top was seen every once in a while when the fog danced away. We slowed down a bit and enjoyed the beautiful walk on the ridge. There are a few exposed parts, but nothing seriously difficult.

We reached the cross at the top at 11:30. Proud kid and a happy mum. The two girls could be seen, walking on the ridge. Clouds and the winds were still playing games, but around 12 o clock the sun has won the battle and the views were spectacular.

We descended across the Škarja edge. Longer but easier route and the sun was accompanying us all the way. No sign of the rain…

A beautiful tour indeed.

Next up: Bulgaria 🙂

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