28. From Vrata Valley to Luknja

Hike under the Triglav North wall and a trip down the memory lane.

Vrata valley

Date: 7.6.2019

Starting point: Vrata valley – Aljažev dom 1015m

Highest point: Luknja 1758m

Altitude difference: 743 m

There once lived a girl who grew up surrounded by books. Lots and lots of books that fueled her imagination. The ones that she adored the most, were the mountaineering ones. True tales of expeditions, alpinism, mysterious countries, lands of never-ending snow and ice, great walls touching the sky and mountains guarded by gods that she never heard of. In her school Atlas, she had a couple of pages totally worn out. They were traveled on so many times with her fingers, cities underlined, peaks circled, airports marked. The top of those pages was titled Indian and Nepali Himalaya. There were little scribbles of a young admirer all around The Mountains: Everest, Lhotse, Manaslu, Makalu, K2, Dhaulagiri, Annapurnas,… With every new book she has read, the map got more colorful and the dreams got bigger.

The girl grew up. When she was 23 years old, she finally boarded that plane. The one that took her to the city, that was almost unreadable on her map, underlined and circled so many times. She landed in Kathmandu. Happiness. She could finally smell, hear and feel what the words in her books were describing. She adored the Nepali vibes, she felt at peace in their temples and she has finally touched the Himalaya. Her fingertips remembered the places from her map, when she traveled on loud, colorful buses, while eating dhal bhat, when smelling the sweet incense and when reaching the high passes of Himalayan treks. The story doesn’t end here though.

Fast forward a bit less then ten years and the now grown up girl from our story has a daughter. A strong willed  little girl with a huge smile and chocolate eyes entered this world in year 2012. She met the same books that her mother did and patiently turned pages of her mum travel diaries before she could even talk. She was introduced to the world of mountains and hiking soon and she took it for her world immediately. She crawled around mountain pastures, played on the banks of the mountain streams, looked for secret forest paths as soon as she could walk, climbed every tree and chased the winds on the mountain tops. Times have changed, traveling got easier and she didn’t have to wait 20 years like her mum… They landed in Kathmandu together in the fall of 2016. The little girl was just 4 years old. She has spent 3 weeks in Himalayas and has trekked to Annapurna base camp all by herself. She did. Carrying her little backpack and a teddy bear. She was a spectacular sight as you can imagine. After Annapurna base camp she wasn’t ready to return to the valley and they made a detour and trekked to Poon Hill and witnessed a magnificent sunrise lightning up the wall of Mt. Dhaulagiri. They weren’t aware of the achievement, what they were aware of, was, that they have both fallen in love with this mountains and this land. <3

You can guess who the girls were right? 🙂

And what does it have to do with the Triglavs north wall you’ll ask?

Well… Sunny kid loves mountain legends and stories. Triglavs  north face is the place where a famous Goldhorn legend takes place. It was one of her favorite ones when she was smaller. “Lets go see the North wall” she would ask… “Lets watch the movies about the North wall” she demanded. “Can you tell me some climbing stories from Triglav wall” she pleaded. She has seen Himalaya, she has trekked Pyrenees, she has climbed numerous Slovenian peaks… and yet…

“How come I still haven’t seen the North face and when are we going? ” That question popped  up many times. There was always something, something that wouldn’t make it as perfect as I wished for. Well last week the wait was over, we chose the day. THE day.

North face triglav

We drove to Vrata valley and start our hike at Aljažev dom. The air was clean and visibility was perfect. There were some clouds around but they were a good company cause it would be too hot otherwise.

We observed, talked laughed and hiked. And then observed some more. We managed to locate some of the most fascinating parts of the wall and let Sunny kids imagination go to work.

I ll share the moments through photos, there was already enough words.

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