27. Hruški vrh

In the land of the daffodils

Date: 3.6.2012

Starting point: Planina pod Golico – 980 m

First peak: Klek – 1753 m

Second peak: Hruški vrh – 1776 m

Altitude hiked althogether: 962m

Every year in months of May and June, the slopes of west Karavanke range turn white. The cause not being snow ( although in May it can surprise us sometimes ), but the bloom of thousands of daffodils, mountain narcissi.

We left ou car in Planina pod Golico and started walking towards Rožca passing Jeseniška planina. Path is well marked and easy. We reach Jeseniška planina in about an hour and a half, mostly walkng through the forests. From there the view opens up and we can see towards Julian Alps.

Jeseniška planina

Our plan was to follow the trail from Jeseniška planina (pasture) to Rožca and then continue on to Hruški vrh but we got sidetracked. The slope above the pasture looked quite promising for our daffodil search. After finding the first ones, we kept climbing up from one site to another, going higher and higher and away from the path. It was beautiful. Seeing so many flowers in bloom in the untouched corner of the world.

We climbed up this huge slope and observed the surroundings. We had Mt. Golica just in front of us and Mt. Stol, the highest one in Karavanke just a bit further. We have been on both of them this year already. And the ridge linking them to us looked amazing. I absolutely adore the Karavanke range. It feels like home, it rocks you. Unlike the Julian Alps, the ridge of Karavanke is green, soft, curvy and flowing. One could just walk it for hours, days… The views are gorgeous on both sides, Slovenian and Austrian. I love Julian Alps, but they feel different. They have a serious attitude, they are majestic and can be scary, they challenge you and you obey. The soaring peaks and walls are magnificent to climb, but you need to respect them.

Walking up to Klek, with Golica behind

We decided to hike up to the Mt. Klek which was now just above us. We were quick, following the ridge. From the top, we could see our original goal – Hruški vrh and behind it Dovška baba. Another mountain we have already visited this year. We realized that now, Hruški vrh is so close and the path looked so nice that we can not leave it out. So, down the mountain and up to another one.

We walked down passing Rožca and Jeseniška planina again, with lots of stops to admire and observe the amazing work of nature. The wild flowers in full spring bloom and the hardworking bees like watching National geographic live.

This is a perfect all day family hike, with lots of options for exploring, playing and learning.

In the hot days you can always combine hikes in the Karavanke region with a swim in a crystal clear lake in Šobec camping.

Thanks for reading about our adventures. Safe travels and hikes to all!!!

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