26. Gradiška tura

Serious ferata with heavenly views.

DATE: 31.5.2019

Start point: Gradišče – 243 m

Top: 793 m

Altitude difference: 550 m

Sunny kid had end of the year homeschooling exams last week. She did great and is now free to roam the world till next exams in May 2020. Wooohhoooo. 😉

Our altitude meters are coming up great, our plans and dreams of the next peaks to climb also. Our fundraiser though is still waiting to get your support. 🙂

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The Furlanova path to Gradiška tura is a demanding ferata that you should not take without proper equipment. Although not long ( about an hour and a half to reach the top ) it has a few almost vertical ascents and a climb on a very exposed ridge. Make sure you arrive to the start with a helmet, climbing harness and a self belaying system. Of course you also need to have some practice and know how to use it correctly.

Helmet, harness and selfbelaying equipment.

Sunny kid has proved many times that she is experienced and not afraid of heights or climbing exposed parts. But still, I always carry a 4 m long 8mm prusik rope with carabiners on my harness in case she would get scared. If a person panics on souch a route, you need to act quickly, there is no space for mistakes. Especially with a child. So with Sunny kid, we have a deal, that as soon as she might feel overwhelmed, scared or if I decide so for any particular safety reason, she gets the rope clipped to her harness immediately and is then tied to me. I have complete trust in her handling the self belaying systems by herself, but better safe than sorry right?

The first part is almost vertical, following a crack in the wall. There is a wire cable for belaying and help, but mostly you can climb up using the natural grip-holds of the rock. Ascending slowly we come to an easier part, where we traverse with the help of some pitons and reach a wooden ramp, where we can take a break with an awesome view.

Continuing on, we pass an easier section and then traverse to the right and climb onto the ridge. Now the breathtaking part starts. Sunny kid looked between shocked and impressed and kept sitting down to admire the scenery. She was all: ” Oh shit… oh woooooooow look at that drop…. look at the view… look where the cable is taking us… wooow, for real??? ” . Well I did look down, but must admit that the sight of free fall on one side didn´t look so appealing to me. So I rather took some pics and a video and observed my excited little mountaineer.

The climb continues up the ridge but moves a bit inside from the exposed part above the wall. The feeling is stil airy though and the ascent is still lined with wire cables, till you reach the highest point of the ferata, the top of the triangle wall.

The rest of the way to the top is a steep hike, mostly on rocky terrain. Once you reach the top the view opens up even more and we took our time to enjoy it. There was a few other hikers, also a German couple willing to take a photo of us at the top. We descended via Plaz.

And…. for an adventure to be even more perfect, we drove to the seaside instead back to Ljubljana and took a dip in the sea. Yeah!


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