25. Bivouac Za Akom and Martuljek waterfalls

Firytale adventures above Martuljek valley.

Date: 26.5.2019

Start Altitude: Martuljek – 750 m

First highest point: Second waterfall – 1150 m

Descent: 50 m

Highest altitude: Bivouac Za Akom – 1340 m

Altitude difference together: 640m

Martuljek waterfalls hike is definitely something I would recommend to all nature loving families. There is something for all tastes and capabilities. You can park in Martuljek, close to the bridge and just follow the signs for waterfall one and two. Already from there you can admire the magnificent peaks hovering above you with the king mt. Špik in the centre. Mountaineer or not, the sight of sheer, pointed rock face wont let you unimpressed.

The hike leads us slowly towards the first waterfall, first we pass through a so called nature learning path, getting to know names of our natural surroundings and discovering some rare plants. There is a few paths leading in other directions – gable Za Akom and Pod Srcem, both higher up in the mountains. We keep following the waterfall signs and soon cross the stream for the first time. The walk takes us into a beautiful gorge and we soon hear the first waterfall. Before we even spotted it, Sunny kid was running up, jumping rocks, climbing stairs and crossing little bridges. Lots of excitement in the air. We have gotten as close as possible, admiring the sight and letting the spray of the falling water cool us down.

Is there anything more beautiful then a natural scream of excitement?

Continuing on, we ascent steeply and reach a wider path that takes us further to the second waterfall and then on to the gable Za Akom if we wish so. We pass Pri Ingotu cabin, it is just two minutes off the path. But seriously, if you wish to see the second waterfall do not stop on the way up. The beauty and the friendly hosts will make you forget the waterfalls and just stay 😉 . Stop on the way back enjoy the views and try some delicious food prepared from local ingredients.

Pri Ingotu pastures

Hike through the forest from Ingo on gets quite strenuous. Ascent is steep at first but gets even steeper later on. It doesn´t take long though. About one hour and a half from parking to the upper waterfall.

Reaching the bottom of the second waterfall is quite easy, but if someone plans to climb up the wire cables, close to it, you need to have proper equipment or at least a helmet. We didn´t have it, we went anyway… I regretted it about half way up, seeing the rock above and realizing that it is probably crumbly and we should have helmets. Sunny kid was almost on the top, we had a few meters to reach the ledge where it is possible to move away from the wall. So we went, the sight of water falling from so high above was soothing. One could just stay there. We descended quickly, everything was ok, but I certainly don´t recommend going up there without proper equipment which would be a helmet and a self belaying system.

We then hiked back down to the crossroad and turned to the next goal – gable Za Akom.

This path gets difficult, it takes you slowly up, climbing along wire cables and pitons. You need to have shoes with a good grip here since the rock is constantly wet. The views of course are magnificent, but you need to watch your step. We were looking forward to seeing all the mountains around when we come out of the forest and to the gable. The vast gravels below steep rocky peaks are a perfect place to observe the surroundings. But sadly, as we ascended the clouds started gathering and closed the view. It started raining slowly and we took a break at a bivouac shelter Za Akom.

We descended in the light rain but when we reached Pri Ingotu cabin it stopped and we enjoyed some nice food and relaxed atmosphere before returning to the valley.

A sweet spot. Martuljek valley and gorge and waterfalls and the mountains… Will be back.

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