23. Veliki Zvoh

Passing the pastures & crossing the ski slopes. Easy hike on high altitude.

Date: 10.5.2019

Starting altitude: Planina Jezerca – 1410 m

Top: 1971 m

Altitude difference: 561 m

We managed to get up early and left the house few minutes after seven. Wooohooo, we were rewarded with a sunny morning and a sunny hike. We watched the wind bring in dark clouds promising rainy afternoon in the mountains again.

We drove to Planina Jezerca – meaning Little lakes mountain pasture and continued on foot. We used to come here in winter and walk up to the slopes when Sunny kid was learning snowboarding. The whole area is called Krvavec and it is a place to come for lots of different sports activities. It is close to Ljubljana – Slovenias capital, too.

The hike is easy, although the right path might be difficult to find amongst so many trails and dirt roads. The good thing is that you are walking above the forest line, so everything is wide open and it is possible to locate all major huts, antenna object and the peaks from far.

After about half an hour we reached the snow. First it was just barely covering the path but higher up there was more. I started to feel sorry for not taking snowboards with us … There must have been quite heavy snowfalls while we were on the beach in Italy. I also started feeling bad about walking in summer lightweight hiking shoes. We will get soaked again. I left the gaiters at home also of course. It is spring right??? 😉 We continued anyways, counting on this being a short hike and Sunny kid reassuring me, that she can walk barefoot when we return down to the green pastures. Why not. It is spring right? 😉

We walked up on the edge on the ski slope. There was no one around and the white blue combination was magnificent. The giants of Kamniško – Savinjske Alpe – Mt. Kočna and Mt. Grintovec were standing right in front of us. We reached the top of the ski lift and the snow was already above the ankles… a few more minutes to the top and Sunny kid was knee deep. Beautiful view to the other side, but it was too windy to stay up there so we just made a few photos and descended back down.

Sunny kid – advice to the kids when hiking with grumpy adults.

So… first of all I must admit it. Being a jackass today that is. I was grumpy for a few days now. Don´t know if there is a planet going retrograde – there always is one mixing things up. Or I am not aligned with something else in the universe. Probably with myself 😉 Anyway, I was looking forward to the hike today, as mountains always have miraculously good impact on me. Buuut, I kind of didn´t get out of my negative mood so quickly. I was totally cranky and pissed off at everything and everyone. Poor Sunny kid…she was quiet most of the time walking up, keeping herself a few meters in front. As altitude progressed my mood started to lighten too. Thankfully. On the way back down kiddo made me run with her downhill on the snow. That shook my head loose of the grumpiness for sure. When we were sitting barefoot on the grass later on and laughing to her silly faces I asked her how bad in terms of my mood, the hike up was. Her disappointed face said it all…. Ouch. We talked about it and had a good laugh and she came up with some advice to all kids when hiking with grumpy parents. Oh how happy she was telling me this:

Don´t talk. Whatever you say will probably make things worse.

Make them run downhill. Don´t let go… till they are rolling on the ground.

Leave them under a tree or on a rock and find nice spot for you to play, while they calm down.

Take their phone. There are always calls or messages that make adults angry about something.

Ask them to lie down with head on your lap and feed them chocolate. Dark one.

( My fav – she actually suggested that 🙂 ) Take the car and go. Leave them on the mountain and come back next day.

Looks like I might be stranded somewhere in the wilderness without a phone and without a car in a few years….


altitude meters walked in 2019

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