22. Monte Capanne

Hike on a panoramic ridge, up to the highest point of Elba island.

Date: 1.5.2019

Starting point: 600 m ( pass under Mt. Perone )

Top: 1019 m

Altitude difference: 419 m

We ventured south to Elba island in Italy, for working holidays. I run a Natural child organization in Slovenia, with our Forest Pirates kids group being the main focus. We are an outdoors group, keeping the kids wild at heart and connected to nature. For a week I had to keep an eye on another bunch of kiddos, playing and exploring on the beach of Elba island, while their parents were busy mountain-biking with Outdoor station. Photos below show a bit of how it looked like 😉 We will get to the mountains shortly, no worries. I had to wait a few days too 😉

The weather looked promising on Wednesday, the bikers were home early and the company van was not in use all the afternoon. While I do love the beach life too, my feet were itching for some exploring of the mountainous side of Elba island. Sunny kid, J and me hit the road around three o´clock and drove towards the saddle under Monte Perone, 600 m above the sea. The views and the landscape were amazing during the 1 h drive up already. We visited Monte Perone first, just 5 minutes from the parking in the opposite direction of our goal of the day. The smells were amazing, so many wild flowers in the full bloom.

Then we hit the path towards the west, towards the highest point of the island. I had no expectations at all. I usually check the trails in unknown mountains beforehand, online at least. This time most of the descriptions found, was in Italian and I only knew that the path follows the ridge and that there are some steel cables. The peak is unmistakable. You can spot the two antennas on the top, from all over the island.

I was just happy to be hiking, to recharge a bit from sitting on the beach. The landscape was so different, so alive. Splendid vegetation and buzzing of the bees everywhere. Our friend J has great knowledge of everything that grows in nature, so Sunny kid had perfect learning opportunity and was happily discovering all the different plants on the way. Soon we exited the dense vegetation and the path continued on rocks. Climbing fun started. The trail leading up the ridge is absolutely fantastic. Via ferrata like, equipped with some wire cables and pitons. Sunny kid was having a blast, leading the way, looking for the path marks. I was taking photos like crazy for the first half an hour, trying to capture everything. The way up, the view behind, the sparkling sea in the background…searching for spots and angles where all the beauty could fit in one photo. I got down from my photographic high when we reached the first peak and crossroad of trails. From that point on, less photos and more presence in the moment.

Last week we were featured on the website of Miriam and Eva – another mum and daughter adventurous duo. It was a series of interviews with hiking parents and kids. It gave me an idea, to ask Sunny kid a few things when writing about our hikes. So here we go.

Sunny kid explaining Monte Capanne

Serious thoughts under the Elbas highest peak

So, where have you been last week?

On Elba island. In Italy.

Do you remember the name of the mountain we hiked?

Monte Capanne 🙂

How was it? Was it a good mountain to hike?

Yeeeeees. I liked it a lot. Especially the parts with cable wires when we were going up on the ridge. And I loved walking first, looking for trail marks and leading the way. I got scared a few times, thinking that I went wrong, but we just had to climb over those rocks and it was really funny.

Is Monte Capanne different then the mountains we hike in Slovenia?

Well I have never seen a wild boar before. There were lots of other small animals too. And chamois on the top. And so many different flowers. It was written on the board that they only grow there. And some special butterflies. Also the trail was a bit different. Climbing over the rocks, looking for trail marks. In Slovenia it is usually easier to follow the path I think. And once when I climbed up the pitons, there was a precipice a few steps ahead.

Was it a difficult hike?

No. It was easy. There was some difficult parts, where you had to climb a bit, but I like that. All together was easy. On the beginning the trail is wide and through forest and flowers. When it gets narrower it gets more interesting. You have to be careful on the rocks. And on some parts of the ridge. But there are also steel cables to hold. You can see the peak from far, you can´t get lost.

What would you say to someone who would like to climb up this way, but has no mountaineering experience?

I would tell them not to go. Or choose another way. From the other side there is a way from a village, I don´t remember the name. If someone doesn´t know how to hike on ferratas or is afraid of climbing they wouldn´t like this way at all. Maybe they could try first and then decide. If they would really, really want to go up this way, maybe they could have someone who has more experience with them.

What did you like the most on the hike?

The climbing parts. And seeing the chamois.

What did you like the least?

Hmmmm. I don´t know. Nothing. I don´t remember anything right now.

Would you like to go to Elba again and do more hikes?

Yeeeeeees 🙂


altitude meters walked in 2019

We are still in search of sponsors ( for mountaineering equipment mostly ) and donors ( for travel expenses ) to get our project into the next gear and hike the globe in 2019. Our next plans out of Slovenia include Bulgaria and Nepal so far. We are open for suggestions or company and very grateful for any amount of donation. Thank you.



  1. So amazing! Congratulations for getting up there! And such great answers from Sunny Kid!

  2. Great photos!!! and an excellent interview 🙂

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