20. Pristovški Storžič

Short and easy ferrata hike to a gorgeous peak, with amazing views.

Date: 22. 4. 2019

Starting point: Jezerski vrh 1218 m

Top: 1759 m

Altitude difference: 550 m

The temperatures are rising and the snow is melting. Time to take the book of Slovenian ferratas off the shelf. Pristovški Storžič is the easiest one on the list. There is no really steep climbing, but there are some exposed parts where steel wire is set. It is an interesting route with absolutely great views of the Kamnik – Savinja mountain range. We are used to seeing it from the other side – from Ljubljana. It makes a beautiful backdrop of the city.

My first and last time on Pristovški Storžič was many, many years ago with my dad. Then I visited Jezersko valley with Sunny kid when she was 3 years old and even made it up to Češka koča. Jezersko is a magnificent place to visit and stay a while. As a nature lover, hiker or climber, there is lots to do.

Sunny Easter Monday was a great invitation for a drive up to the other side of the Kamnik – Savinja Alps. We drove up to Jezerski vrh, to the border between Slovenia and Austria and left the car there. Big steel cross that stands on the top of our goal, can be spotted from the parking already. There are yellow signs, pointing us in the right direction. The path splits in two after short walk up. One is an easy route that is a bit longer. And a second is a ferrata one that goes direct and is rated moderate/difficult. Both are very well marked.

We chose the ferrata one and I must say it is one of the most beautiful short hikes that I have experienced. One and a half hour walk. The views, the excitement, the path winding between rocks and pines. Ant the views again. It is hard not to stop and stare. And so we did. Recognizing the peaks, remembering tours, making plans and simply admiring the mountains in the spring glory.

Once on the top we escaped the wind, sitting under the ridge amongst the mountain pines. Sunny kid made a drawing of the Kamnik – Savinja range and we enjoyed some unique peace and quiet mountain vibes. I never liked hurrying down, never liked being told to hurry up in the mountains. That is why I always disliked hiking in big groups. Even with friends. Too much adjusting. Too much opinions. I never felt ME enough. When going to the mountains I feel like going home and I only want people with me, that make me feel I am at home too. Even though I am quite good in going with the flow in a day to day life, in mountains… I need my peace. My flow. My grounding time. Connection to the earth…and to myself. The quiet place where I can hear myself think. Since Sunny kid started hiking with me things changed a lot of course, especially around the quietness part. But I really enjoy hiking with her. It is a tremendous joy, sharing your passion with your child. Seeing them fall in love with something that means a world to you. Looks of pure joy, running on mountain meadows, the excited sparkle in the eyes when walking ridges, happy shrieks of adrenalin rush skiing down the mountain, pride when overcoming obstacles, stories of spectacular findings on new paths, the excitement of the way. Kids do not walk only to reach the peak, at least not if their motivation is intrinsic. They enjoy the way. They are in the moment. It is such a gift, to see the world through the kids eyes all over again. So, we stop to check the stream, I stop if kiddo found something interesting, I can lay under the tree, so she can climb it. I can pretend with her, to be a hardcore alpinist and belay her through the hardest part. When we hike in bad weather or strong wind we usually end up playing out a made up Himalayan scenario, I am not sure which one of us loves the game more. Hiking with kids is a treat. Just do it 🙂


altitude meters walked in 2019

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