18. Golica

Date: 19.4.2019

Starting point: Planina pod Golico 950 m

Top: 1835 m

Altitude difference: 885 m

We were busy celebrating Sunny kids birthday at the seaside ๐Ÿ˜‰ More climbing less hiking for the past two weeks. I should start adding those climbed meters to the challenge too, they would add up a portion. Kiddo also got some nice and very useful sponsored material from Podium Slovenia for her enthusiasm and commitment in the mountains. A really positive gesture from their team. We are still looking for sponsors and donors to help us go through with our 46000 alt m project and hike the globe.

We did a hike to Mt. Golica on Friday. The Karavanke range are almost free of snow and in full spring bloom. There is still some snow on the highest peaks, otherwise it is time to admire alpine flowers. The view across the valley to the Julian alps is still white though. Might catch another skitouring day over there.

The route to Golica is easy. There are two options. The winter one marked difficult and the normal one marked easy. We took the winter one up and the easy one down. There is one part that might justify the rating as difficult. It is a short climb up and over the rocks, equipped with steel wires and pegs. It is not exposed though and if there is no snow it is fairly easy. With a bit of caution it is surely more interesting and fun for the kids, then the easier way around.

After the short ferrata-like part we reached the hut. It is placed under the ridge, on a beautiful mountain meadow with lovely views of Julian Alps and part of Karavanke range. After a short break we continued for another half an hour to reach the Golica peak that lies on the border with Austria. . There was still some snow around and the wind was strong. We found a good sheltered spot on the side overlooking Austria and had a blast watching the shapes of the clouds moving above us.

We stayed up quite some time and then made another stop by the hut and enjoyed the quietness and mountain air. Sunny kid explored around observing and photographing flowers while I took some time to just be right there in the moment. It is definitely something I should do more often. Everyone should.


altitude meters walked in 2019

Can you help us reach the goal of the challenge? Any help towards #hikingtheglobetogether is deeply appreciated. Thank you.


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