17. Family skitouring camp Komna

  • Date: 29, 30 & 31. 3. 2019
  • Day 1: Savica (653 m) to Dom na Komni (1520m) = 867m
  • Day 2: Dom na Komni (1520m) – Govnač (lowest point 1480 m) – Vrh Škrli (1926m ) = 446m
  • Day 3: Dom na Komni ( 1520m) – Bogatinsko sedlo ( 1815) = 295 m
  • Altitude difference altogether: 1608 m

Day 1. Komna

The first day we ascended from Bohinj valley up to Komna plateau. Skitouring paradise above Bohinj lake and under the eye of Bogatin mountain. In the land of the Goldhorn. Komna was one of my favorite places when growing up. It was my first skitouring experience, with my dad, more then 30 years ago. I fell in love with the white slopes of Komna again in my student years, when we had skitouring camps here. And for the last few years, I am coming back every March with Sunnykid, to take part of youth ski touring camp, organized by our friend Mateja, who is a mountain guide. It was Sunnykids 5th camp this year and this time in a perfect company of families with kids aged from 6 to 10 years old on skis, and a two year old in a carrier.

Dom na Komni – mountain hut on Komna is more a mountain hotel then a hut. You can enjoy everything from hot showers, lovely rooms with stunning views, clean toilets and superb food. And not only that, the manager and the staff will spoil you to pieces. It is worth it, just to get up there, sit on the terrace and meet the friendliest mountain hut manager, who is gonna crack endless jokes with you 😉 And then you might even climb a mountain or two. 😉 .

Day 2. Ski touring Vrh Škrli

Against the impossible odds, since kids went to sleep very late, we were out of the hut and ready to go around eight in the morning. We had a steep descent first, a short hike up and then it was already time to put the skis on for the first time. Yep, the kids were walking on foot, then part of the way with snowshoes. Their skiing equipment was traveling along on the backpacks of skitouring parents and friends. That´s why we brought so many friends along 😀 … hahaha…just kidding guys. The kids hardly waited for the first ski down to the Govnač valley, adrenaline was pumping, eyes were sparkling and they did absolutely great. Especially one of the boys is such an amazing skier it was superb to watch. After a short break in the valley we had a steep and pretty long and tiring climb up to the plateau where we set up the base for the day.

Were the kids tired? Hmmm… Guess not, cause when we reached the base, they were immediately climbing on the nearest slope and sliding down and playing all possible ( energy consuming ) games. So no. They have soooo much energy it is unbelievable sometimes. I remember when trekking Annapurna base camp with Sunny kid, I was beat in the evening most of the days. Happy to arrive in the lodge and rest. She was happy too of course, but she was either exploring the surroundings, chasing trekkers or was seen monkeying around on the nearest wall, stairs, rock or anything climbable… 😉 The kids are able to do so much. But most of the primary school aged kids don´t even know how much they are physically capable of, because they rarely get the chance to try it. To try it with adults who take them seriously, who validate their weaknesses, their fears and their strengths. Let´s take them somewhere interesting, let them be bold, show them the beauty of the mountains, show them how to overcome the hard moments. And the most important of all – leave the watch at home, be patient and listen to them! Younger ones need to play, bigger ones need to talk it out and all of us need to enjoy the moments together and laugh a lot.

Sunny kid was probably born to walk. I don´t know. But she loves it. She has this strong passion for mountains, for climbing. She certainly sees something in hiking. Yes, she gets tired, she huffs and puffs…but she is equally stubborn as tired, and just keeps on going. By now she has realized how much her body is capable of, even when her mind has enough of moving one leg in front of the other. It is a mighty big accomplishment for a six year old to understand that. And I am certain most of the little people can achieve it too if they are only given the opportunity and support.

We had a nice and long break in our base. Mateja went to try out the slopes above us, she couldn´t resist. Quite similar to the kids 😉

We chose the goal for the day – the ridge leading up to Vrh Škrli ( Peak Škrli 1926 m ). Little mountaineers started in quick rhythm. They pulled the line straight up, treading steps into the steep snowy slope. The rest of us was on skis, continuing up in S turns. This was not easy stuff. Although it was not dangerous, it was exposed and steep. The right amount of excitement and adventure got the kids going in strong and steady motion with a sense of achievement almost reached. And what an achievement it was. The views from the ridge into the valleys around were absolutely stunning. The adults and the kiddos were equally impressed with where we have managed to get to. We left the skis on the ridge and walked up to the top. I am sure all the hard work of climbing up was forgotten immediately, while munching on the chocolate and immersing in the feeling of sitting on the top of the world. For us – it was top of the world. For that day at least.

The next reward was a fantastic ski down. First to the base plateau and then further down to Govnač. All types of turns, jumps and falls were witnessed, the spirits were high and the squeals of joy were heard.

And then…. after exhausting way from Govnač up and down again… we got pancakes for dinner. What a way to end the perfect day.

Day 3. Ski touring Bogatinsko sedlo

Another crisp clear sunny morning. We went to sleep early the night before and were ready for another day of skitouring bliss. The way lead us pass Planina na Kraju and slowly up towards the mighty Mt. Bogatin. Our goal was the saddle under it. Walking was easier then the day before and the planned route was shorter. Kids walked together and had fun. We progressed quite quickly checking the way to ski back all the time. We took a break on the beginning of the steep part with a view of all Gracija valley under us and of Komna hut that we left behind.

From our break point up, the trail became really steep. If walking on skis, the way was around, continuing up in S turns. But since the kids were on foot and the last part of the way needed caution, a few of us took the skis off and walked with them. With another pair of skis strapped to the backpack… Heavy ;). It was steep, the snow was soft and was sliding easily from under the boots so it was important to stay focused and stay on the trail. Me and Nina, carrying double skis now have fallen way behind under the new load. The kids were fast, took perfect care of each other and walked responsibly and carefully that last part… and waited for us on the top. You can only imagine the smiles right?

We spent about half an hour on the top, the kids found snow holes, deep enough to hide in. Which they did of course and then even tried to dig a tunnel between them. And then we were off, downhill again to Gracija. With ups, downs a little bit straight we made it back to Planina na Kraju for well deserved snacks and rest.

In the afternoon we said goodbye to our Komna for this winter and descended back to Bohinj valley.

Magnificent three days in great company. And the little ones were absolute rockstars!!!!

We also added quite a few meters too our 46.000 altitude meters challenge this weekend.


altitude meters walked in 2019

Can you help us reach the goal of the challenge? Any help towards #hikingtheglobetogether is deeply appreciated. Thank you.


Here is a link to a friends blog and her view of our Komna adventure together.

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