16. Slemenova špica

DATE: 24.3.2019

Start point: Erjavčeva koča – hut 1525 m

Top: 1911 m

Altitude difference: 386 m

We woke up late in Kranjska gora. It was a perfect sunny Sunday and since we slept too long, skitouring or some other full day tour, was out of question. So lets take a “stroll” from Vršič pass to Slemenova špica we said. It is short and the view is beautiful and the trail in snow is walked for sure…we were thinking. The temperatures in the valley were springlike, the flowers started to peak out and people were going to cheer to Planica ski jumps world championship in short sleeves. While I was preparing our backpacks, my mind was walking the green grass of Slemenova špica final slope already. But how badly mistaken I was.

In the mountains the winter was still very real. I was mostly angry cause I left Sunnykids snowshoes in my car, that stayed in the valley. If I had at least knew then, how deep in snow she will have to tread later… I would probably drive down to get them. We started walking at Erjavčeva hut, following footsteps of an earlier hiker in the quite deep snow. I was still convinced that when we come to the ridge, we will find the trail leading from the pass to Slemenova špica, nice and wide and walked. But…surprise, surprise. There was no trail. Only snow and snow and some more snow. Even the footsteps we were following up till here, disappeared somewhere to the left, not in the direction of our goal for the day.

The wind was quite chilly on the ridge, so we decided to give it a go and I treaded the trail in front, with Sunny kid behind me and our friend J. walking the last.

I tried to follow the normal trail, with path hidden under the snow. I think I managed to some extent. Every once in a while I fell into holes, waist deep. Sunny kid managed to avoid the big ones, since she is lighter, but at the same time, she is shorter, and was treading the snow height above her knees. J. was in similar position as me, trying hard to stay on the top. But…all three stubborn as hell, we kept going. The path we walked on was safe, but we observed some small avalanches from afar, sliding down the steep Mojstrovka slopes.

Coming to the top was fairy tale like. Or actually alpinism movies like. The final triangel was covered in glistering untouched snow. The peaks around were sparkling, the wind subsided, the views were splendid. I marked the safe space to move around with our poles, I wouldn`t want anyone slide over the edge and drop down to the Tamar valley.

We took a short break and then started down, snow conditions were changing quickly. It was getting more and more wet and heavy and soon we all had running rivers in the boots. Seriously. I had to took off Sunny kids shoes and pour the water out. At lest it was warm outside, must have been around 10 – 15 degrees. But I must admit we were badly prepared that day, did not have the right equipment for the conditions and especially the kiddo was thoroughly wet.

We were down with the speed of lightning. As everything was soaking wet anyway, sledding down on our butts made perfect sense. Sunny kid was howling of joy. We were howling of frozen ass pain. Ouch…

All ended well. The car was heating on the sun, waiting all those hours and we gladly welcomed the sauna inside.

Till next time 😉 ….


altitude meters walked in 2019

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