14. Planina Korošica ( mountain pasture Korošica )

Date: 16.3.2019

Starting point: 996 m ( the road to Ljubelj pass )

Highest point: 1554 m

Altitude difference: 558 m

We woke up into beautiful Saturday morning again. Full week has passed since we were in the mountains…again. I was busy lately, writing emails and proposals to sponsor or donate to our project. Aaaaand of course on Friday there was a climate strike in Ljubljana. Couldn´t let that one pass without us and the Forest pirates could we??? And also, Sunny kid binge watched the Dawn wall and Free solo. A few times. Which meant lots of indoor climbing. And probably sooner or later also adding Yosemite on our #hikingtheglobetogether list.

As everyone knows, I prefer mountains when there are no crowds. That is why we usually escape up and away during weekdays. But a beautiful Saturday in our favorite playground could not be missed. Our friend J. joined and after contemplating the off-main-hiking-trails possibilities, we decided for Korošica. There is an amazing little shepherds hut among pastures, with splendid views of Košuta ridge. The approach is an unmarked old hunters trail, which is very appealing by itself. A bit of an adventure. I already got lost there once, when Sunny kid was maybe around 3 years old… loosing the track and making our own path for a bit when descending. Oh, the thrills and excitement of life when a kiddo found her own ascending footprints in the mud, when we landed back on the hunters path.

Now, a few years older, wiser and experienced… I managed to trail off the hunters way again. Something is obviously not clicking between me and them 😉 But I knew the direction and having a map, a real one, not google one, lead us straight to the ridge and back to the trail. We climbed through amazing fall-like forest, past first spring flowers and towards the snow. Lots of seasons combined in one day.

The path is steep on the beginning, climbing up in serpentine. Then it leads slowly through conifer forests, till we reach the slope of Mt. Košutica and start to traverse, with more and more amazing views of Mt. Begunjščica opposite. Now, everything sparkled in white. Must be fascinating though when the surroundings bathe in spring green. We might have to get lost in this neck of the woods to witness it.

I got my actual camera with me this time. I usually just take photos with my phone. Sunny kid took the opportunity though and decided to take photographic matters in her hands. So down here a chosen mix of pics taken.

Can you help us reach our goal with a small donation? Or do you maybe know someone who would be willing to sponsor this quest? Let us know. Safe travels and hikes!!!


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