13. Slavnik

Date: 9.3.2019

Start point: 520 m – Podgorje village

Top: 1028 m

Altitude difference: 508 m

It was a day that just called to go towards the sea. Julian and Kamnik – Savinja alps looked covered by clouds in the morning, so we decided to hit the road and go south.

Slavnik is a really easy hike. I tried to make it interesting by saying it is a training day so we have to run up. My joke turned hilarious when kiddo took it seriously, with the new penguin plush laughing out of her backpack, at me… There was lots of people when we started walking and it looked like I am a totally obnoxious crazy parent, making the kid run uphill. I got really weird looks, while overtaking a few hikers. Soon enough we made a detour and took the direct route, which is steeper but shorter and less crowded. We were soon alone.

The trail and the woods around are beautiful, forest is not dense and the spring already arrived in this part of our country. It was warm and sunny till we reached the meadows close to the summit, where wind has gotten really strong. At least it was coming from the sea and it brought a nice ocean smell and was not cold. The area around the summit is open and wide and a perfect place for laying in the grass thinking of nothing. The view is amazing and opens 360 degrees from the top.

We found a place sheltered from the strong wind. Since the mountain hut was open I just couldnt resist getting us the chocolate pancakes. Oooops.

We went down the longer way, it is a wide pathway, slowly descending around the hill.


altitude meters walked in 2019


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