12. Kamniški vrh – Kamnik peak

DATE: 3.3.2019

Start altitude: 600m – Klemenčevo village

Top: 1259 m

Altitude difference: 695 m

Kamniški vrh is a hike that I probably did the most times in my life. It is close to Ljubljana, usually non crowded even on weekends, steep enough and open. There is only a bit of a walk through the forest in the beginning, otherwise there are only mountain meadows, with views of the valley below.

I promise to write more on this one and add some photos from older hikes 😉 We usually extend it to Korošaški waterfalls as then it becomes a great cirquit hike.


altitude meters walked in 2019

Description of the path taken: http://www.hribi.net/izlet/klemencevo_kamniski_vrh_po_jugozahodnem_pobocju/3/351/2656

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