10. Zelenica and Triangel

Date: 18.2.2019

Start altitude: Ljubelj pass 1058 m

Highest point: Ljubeljščica peak – Triangle 1704 m

Altitude difference: 646 m

Sunny day with spring like temperatures was an inviting call for this years first ski touring hike. The snow has finally settled and the dangers of avalanches has passed. Sunny kids arm was ok again, back to normal after the broken bone. Time to ski 😉

Zelenica is a fairly short hike so we prolonged it to Ljubeljščica peak or so called Triangle.

There was not much people around, the few we did see, were going up to Begunjščica peak. Sunny kid started in her usual fast rhythm, while I ran back down to the parking lot, cause I left my car keys in the trunk keyhole. Luckily I remembered early in the hike. I caught my rocket kid where the path left the sunny slope and moved into the shade of Mt. Begunjščica hovering above us. From there a quite steep climb, walking straight up on an old ski slope, leads to the last turn and the plain where Zelenica mt. hut stands. We took a break there, for tea and cookies and then continued another half an hour up to Triangel.

The temperatures were high, must have been around 10 degrees and the sun was quite strong, so the snow was really soft and mushy. I should have taken the snowshoes for Sunny kid, it would have been much easier to walk. We made it up, met a few people on the top, getting ready to ski down. Aaaand so did we 🙂

Everything in photos here:



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